Oil and Gas



To generate consistent, sustainable and long-term best in class returns in oil and gas by living our core values and emphasizing technology

Core Values

1. Integrity – To be honest and adhere to moral principles

2. Respect - Treat others the way we want to be treated

3. Dedication – Wholly committed to a course of action

4. Commercial Focus - Main emphasis is pursuit of profit

5. Philanthropy - Promote the welfare of others

Looking For

Our goal for 2020-2021 is to establish deal flow to acquire properties with the following characteristics

  • Base production -> not looking to materially pay for upside development potential)

  • Onshore US -> Nothing international

  • Scalable and Lendable -> Traditional RBL financing

  • Commodity agnostic -> i.e. no preference to oil or gas

  • Recovery agnostic -> i.e. open to conventional and unconventional as well as 2nd or tertiary recovery

  • Material -> $1-50M valuation


1. Identify value-add potential, such as:

  • Production uplift and optimization

  • 3D Seismic leveraging

  • Modernization of energy (onsite electric generation, etc.)

  • Downside risk mitigation (i.e. MIT/P&A risk)

  • Optimization of risk/reward (i.e. “shape of the bet)

2. Key strategy drivers:

  • Establish strategic relationships with operators, consultants and capital providers

  • Disciplined in strategically deploying capital for longer-term market cycles

  • Deploy technology and analytics to uncover values

Profile picture of Karl Umland

Karl Umland

  • Former director of engineering at Arsi, a gas company backed by the Koch Brothers

  • Previously engineering manager for S&A backed by Denham Capital for $150M

  • Previously petroleum engineer at Anadarko for 8 years ending with a team lead position

  • BS in petroleum engineering from the Colorado School of Mines

  • Licensed professional petroleum engineer in CO

  • Limited Partner in the $5M Rockies Venture Club Fund I

  • Founder of Coneg LLC, which since 2011 has grown to $4.3M under management and revenues of $300K/year

Profile picture of Barrett Lavergne

Barrett Lavergne

  • Former director of geoscience at Arsi, a gas company backed by the Koch Brothers

  • Previously geoscience manager for ARC in Permian Delaware basin

  • Previously geoscientist and co-founder of S&A

  • Previously geoscientist for NE Appalachia Operations at Inflection Energy

  • Integrated seismic and geosteering disciplines for optimal wellbore targeting in structurally complex setting

Koch Brothers -> Bill Koch -> Gunnison Energy

A picture of a pump jack on a coal bed methane well with the sun setting in the background

Picture of Karl Umland with hard hat and safety glasses with workover rig in the back ground.

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