We are authentically excited to buy your business.

My name is Karl Umland and I along with my team are looking to acquire an enduringly profitable, lower middle market, mature and stable business in the real estate or service industries based in large cities across CA, NV, CO, TX & FL. I'm a Colorado native and I currently live in Denver, but have also lived in Wyoming and Texas. I got my Bachelor of Science from the Colorado School of Mines and worked for corporate, private equity and finally high net worth individuals (Koch Brothers). In parallel to this I've been able to start and buy a number of business since 2008. I'm a passionate and analytical person who is driven by data. Our core values of integrity and respect put us in a strong position to be fair and honest. We work for win-win transactions with owners.

We are able to bring value to your business by bringing a fair price, transparency, energy and a quick close. We are not looking to get a discount on your company, We want to buy a great business at a fair price.

We believe in a person's word being the single most important thing they have and in that; We give our word that We are well qualified to acquire and run a mid-sized company, We will execute the transaction in a fair and transparent manner and We will steward your business for future generations.

We are passionate about all things business related and most of us have been since We were kids. We have successfully (and some unsuccessfully) started and sold a BBQ company, vending machine company, car dealership and real estate company over the last 7 years and are pumped to continue this journey with the acquisition of your business. Our collective experience has taught us that people are the single most important thing in a company, with out them you have essentially nothing and as such you need to put them as the top priority.

We are going to acquire/partner in a enduringly profitable business with $400,000 to $1,500,000 in annual profit in 2021.

If you are open to a partnership or sale of your business, We would love to have a confidential introduction to explore synergies.

Excited to chat further, so please feel free to reach out.


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Karl Umland

  • 2018: Partnered with the Koch brothers in the oil and gas industry

  • 2017: Joined the $5M Rockies Venture Fund I as a Limited Partner

  • 2016: Partnered with private equity Denham Capital to invest in Texas oil fields

  • 2016: Started a car dealership and car rental company that was closed in 2019

  • 2015: Started a BBQ food truck business with a partner that was sold in 2016

  • 2013: Bought, grew, and sold a vending machine company that achieved a 2.1x MOIC in 2 years

  • 2011: Founded Coneg LLC for Real Estate investing which has grown to 7 properties totaling 9 units representing $40M under management & $300K/yr in revenues



To generate consistent, sustainable, and long-term best in class returns by living our core values and emphasizing technology

Core Values

1. Integrity – To be honest and adhere to moral principles

2. Respect - Treat others the way we want to be treated

3. Dedication – Wholly committed to a course of action

4. Commercial Focus - Main emphasis is pursuit of profit

5. Philanthropy - Promote the welfare of others

Looking For

Our goal for 2021 is to establish deal flow to acquire properties with the following characteristics:

  • Stable: Consistent FCF during last bull & bear markets

  • Strong Economics: Capital/Debt Pay Out < 2/10 Years | +50% COC | Traditional debt financeable

  • Industry: Agnostic to market sector (Real Estate or Service related and not in vogue preferred)

  • Profit: $0.3M to $1M per year

  • Non-Distressed: No turn around needed for company

  • Target Markets: Open to contiguous US (prefer CO/CA/FL/TX/WY/KS/UT)


1. Identify value-add potential companies, such as:

  • Under managed assets

    • Higher than average operating costs

    • Lower than average margins

    • Below market revenue metrics

    • Unattended assets

    • Technology impact

2. Key strategy drivers:

  • Establish strategic relationships with brokers, managers, and capital providers

  • Be disciplined in strategically deploying capital for longer-term market cycles

  • Deploy technology and analytics to uncover value and drive efficiencies


Koch Brothers -> Bill Koch -> Gunnison Energy

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Picture of Karl Umland with hard hat and safety glasses with workover rig in the back ground.

Rockies Venture Club Fund 1

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Denham Capital Portfolio

S&A Rescources and Atlantic Resources

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Car Dealership

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BBQ Food Truck

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Vending Machine Business

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Picture of drink and snack vending machine

Real Estate

Front of 2531 Lawrence street with concrete panels, investment property.
Spiral stair case looking down 3 stories in 2531 Lawrence.

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