About Us

Josh Peck

Founding member of TrueCode Capital with nearly twenty years developing and capitalizing on emerging technologies. He utilizes a systems approach to portfolio management that leverages his deep quantitative background in financial engineering, machine learning, and applied mathematics.

Early in his career, Josh worked in academia in support of high-performance research computing environments where he became a regional expert in systems engineering, cybersecurity, and data engineering.

In addition to his work, he is active in philanthropy through the Denver Mile High Rotary Foundation where he is currently the treasurer and a member of the World Community Service committee where, most recently, they were able to fund a refrigeration project in Nepal.

Josh has served as an advisory board member, angel investor, and mentor for various venture clubs and accelerators and has invested in a diverse group of companies.

Josh received his BS in Computer Science from Pittsburg State University and his Master of Science, Engineering Management from the University of Kansas.

Profile picture of Karl Umland

Karl Umland

Karl is a Colorado native that currently resides in Denver, but has also lived in Wyoming and Texas. He got his Bachelor of Science from the Colorado School of Mines and worked for corporate, private equity and finally high net worth individuals (Koch Brothers). In parallel to this he has been able to start and buy a number of business since 2008 as well as becoming a limited partner in the Rockies Venture Club Fund I.

He is an analytical person, driven by data and passionate about all things business related. He successfully (and some unsuccessfully) started and sold a BBQ company, vending machine company and car dealership. A current cornerstone of his portfolio is a real estate company grown over the last 8 years to 10 properties totaling 12 units representing $20M under management & $1MM/yr in gross revenues.

What We Are Looking For

We are a private equity firm that partners with angle and venture groups to transition underperforming SAAS portfolio companies into high quality exits focusing in the Data, Finance, Real Estate and Energy market sectors.

How We Think

Our combined experience allows us to quantitatively optimize the entrance point for company acquisitions as well as capitalize on industry and synergistic arbitrages.


-> Don’t want to write another check

-> Don’t want to step in to manage portfolio company

-> Don’t want to tell LPs that investment failed

-> Need to improve performance of overall fund


+ We improve an underperforming Portfolio Company to be more in line with the funds target returns

+ We recapitalize the company

  • Raise capital from other offices/firms and investors

  • Bring traditional debt capital

  • Bring recurring revenue capital

  • Bring mezzanine capital

  • Directly invest

+ We provide human capital

  • We outsource non-critical roles

  • We bring in consultants (aka hired guns)

  • We directly invest our time

+ We turn a “zombie” into an exit


Gold Belly

The best gourmet and food gifts delivered nationwide

Freight Farms

Grow Food Anywhere, turning shipping containers into hydroponic farms

Miso Robotics

Automating the dangerous and repetitive tasks of restaurants with machines

5280 Genetics

Biotechnology firm specializing in industrial hemp genetics for American family farms


First needless injection medication delivery system

Cirrus MD

Primary care telehealth platform

Only Sky

Outdoor Activity Booking Platform

Sheets and Giggles

Sustainable bedding solution based on eucalyptus trees

Featured on Forbes

M.C. Squares

Reusable Whiteboards

Kevin O'Leary from NBC's Shark Tank invested in 2020